Dear Dave FAQ

Who is Dave?

Dave is a housedad. He has a son, Sam, who was born in mid-2004, and a daughter, Daisy, born late 2007. His partner's name is Liz. We don't know much else about him except that he likes getting plenty of advice from Ed. (Or at least he puts up with it...)

Who is Ed?

Ed is also a housedad. He's around 40 and has three children. He writes to Dave about his adventures in the world of full-time parenting. He is fictional but he has plenty of fictional friends to keep him company.

Who is everyone else?

Sarah: Ed's wife. She works in the marketing department of a Large Banking Organisation (LBO). She enjoys it there and likes coming home to find her tea made.
Fraser: Their first child, born mid-2000. He's at secondary school.
Lewis: Son number two, born early 2002.
Marie: That awkward third child, born late 2004. She likes pink.